Friday, January 23, 2009

DeForest Kelley as Ike Clanton 1955

Oh boy this is a find. A 35 year old DeForest Kelley as 'Ike Clanton' in "You are there: Gunfight at the OK Corral." De's having a great time in this one, being a bad ass--With a tough swagger, handlebar moustache, mouth full of tobacco, and sinister voice. I wouldn't want to cross this guy! According to the DeForest Kelley Filmography this was his first 'real mean heavy' role. I wonder if he'd have been even more sinister had the ep been in color. The b/w's just didn't do justice to those ice-blue eyes. A big thank you to Meggy1977 for posting this clip on YouTube.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Long Beach late 30's early 40's

This beautiful photograph is of Ocean Boulevard as you look towards Alamitos Ave, in approx the late 30's early 40's, around the time De lived here. The tall building is Villa Rivera, a condominium/apartment complex still standing today. Some of the apartments on the left of the photo are still standing--but most are gone. You can't park at a slant like that anymore (visible on the left of the photo). Ocean Blvd. is a much busier street these days. (Photo from Long Beach public library).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday DeForest!

Today would have been De's 89th birthday. We miss you, De! Photo is of De's birthplace: Conyers, Georgia. Beautiful. (photo by Jon Gos)

De would have been thrilled to have witnessed President Obama's inauguration on his birthday. Kris Smith had this post on her blog which I found very poignant. Read it HERE.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Alternate De, Cheers and Myrtle photo

Here's an alternate pose of DeForest posing with Cheers the Schnoodle, and Myrtle the turtle. Just adorable!

I found this photo in the August 24th 1968 edition of TV guide, accompanying an article entitled: "Where is the Welcome Mat?" (author not named)

The article begins with how the trade papers still, after two seasons of Star Trek, will list only Nimoy and Shatner as the stars. Kelley has had to fight for everything; a parking spot, an unshared dressing room, a line of dialogue after standing without a word for 12 pages.

The article goes on to describe Kelley as posessing a yankeeized soft Georgia accent, and "sounding remarkably like a testy David Brinkley. He is immensely popular with his fellow actors and crew and remembers the birthdays of the technicians children." A script girl's mother took ill and De was the first to send flowers. Kelley laughs at the thought of being a "teenage sex symbol" and his hobby is the tending of 59 rose bushes at his comfortable Sherman Oaks home. Continuing a Southern tradition, he cooks black-eyed peas with red-eyed gravy on New Year's Day for luck in the ensuing year. He cherishes the day when his name ran for the first time in a TV Guide crossword puzzle. His wife, Carolyn, clipped the page and framed it to hang on the wall. "It's not an Oscar or Emmy," says De Kelley, "but to an actor, it's something."

De filming 'The Tholian Web' 1968

Hello again, my friends. I apologize for the hiatus of a couple weeks. (I had been taking care of a seriously ill dog who passed away last week.)

To end the long break, I bring you a beloved photo of DeForest, during filming of "The Tholian Web", in 1968. This photo comes from my collection. Photographer unknown.