Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday DeForest!

Today would have been De's 89th birthday. We miss you, De! Photo is of De's birthplace: Conyers, Georgia. Beautiful. (photo by Jon Gos)

De would have been thrilled to have witnessed President Obama's inauguration on his birthday. Kris Smith had this post on her blog which I found very poignant. Read it HERE.


Anonymous said...

I wish he were still with us..

Lisa Hamner said...

Me too. :sniff:

J. Rosemary Moss said...

Gorgeous picture! Thanks so much for giving us a taste of where De Kelley came from.

And I wish he had lived to see Obama's presidency too =)


Anonymous said...

I spent part of a summer in Atlanta, Georgia. Such sweet, moist air, like a breath. So green the trees and grass, so red the clay soil. So fitting that DeForest Kelley should be born in such a beautiful place, and that its gentle beauty whispered through him.

He would have rejoiced to see Obama's day, with a wide grin and twinkling warm blue eyes.