Friday, May 8, 2009

A De--Lightful moment today

I went to the photo developing place to print out some pictures I'd taken recently of De's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. When I picked up the photos the lady working there gushed about De and how much she just loved him, and mentioned a couple westerns: Apache Uprising and when he was in Bonanza. She didn't mention Star Trek, but the westerns.

Later on, I went to the post office today to send off a DVD to a friend which included the photo of the star tucked in there. The postal worker spotted it, as I hadn't sealed the envelope yet. And they said: "I absolutely love that man." and I asked "who?" not sure exactly who they were referring to. And they pointed to the star. "That one. DeForest Kelley."

A De-light-ful moment.

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Womanwarrior said...

That's our De...the gift that keeps on giving.