Friday, June 12, 2009

DeForest Kelley in the Long Beach Independent. January 1941

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There is a mention of DeForest Kelley in the January 28th 1941 edition of the Long Beach "Independent". De starred in the Long Beach Depot Playhouse production of "Our Town" as George.


Jamie said...

Thanks for posting. I`d have loved to see it. A theater play with a young DeForest Kelley and a girlfriend.

Lisa Hamner said...

Thank you for reading! I bet Mr. Kelley was just outstanding in that first leading role.

Jamie said...

Well, he certainly was.

Womanwarrior said...

He would have been WONDERFUL in the role of George! Young, hopeful, full of restless energy and that ability he had to channel a character rather than just play a character.

And, not surprisingly, two of his performances were used for charitable purposes. Even then, he was using his talent to give back.


Lisa Hamner said...

They always do charity performances at the L.B. playhouse (midweek). Aparently the Playhouse has been doing it since the early days. An organization will rent the house out and the actors perform on those nights. It's understood that you'll do them, when you're cast in the part. But it's still a great thing! Sometimes the charity performances get very moving-they often do a silent auction during the intermission.